In the corporate world of today, where consolidation and globalization have been at the forefront of the evolution of business structures, and mergers & acquisitions define the business scene organizations need to make the right financial decisions for their future growth.

We offer a broad array of financial solutions through our subsidiary partners, who are among the top experts in their fields. Whether it’s through collaboration with our corporate bankers or working directly with our solutions specialists, we can add value and effectively serve the full scope of your organization’s financial needs. Our commitment to delivering a carefully constructed plan based on a comprehensive discovery process that tells us, and you, virtually everything you need to know about your financial situation.


para Banking is a kind of banking wherein money is accepted to save from an individual as in the case of a normal banking function. The acceptance of money under Para Banking is scheduled daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, and even for a fixed period for more than 01 years.

Other than the above-mentioned function of accepting the money for saving schemes, Para banking also provides secured loan and pre-maturity facilities against the amount in the saving scheme.

The only major difference between normal banking and Para Banking is that under Para Banking one cannot option for current account facility and carry its day-to-day transaction for accepting and withdrawal of funds. Also, a depositor can’t issue any cheques against the amount in its Para banking saving schemes. Rather there is no concept of a cheque system in Para banking.

 One connects Para Banking activities to a Fixed Deposits facility provided by the bank. Though the amount deposited under Para Banking Saving schemes is for a fixed period and it fetches fixed sums of interest on its deposits, the major differentiation between Para banking Saving Schemes and Fixed Deposit Schemes of banks is that an individual has the option of depositing Daily under Para banking. Whereas the only option under Fixed Deposit Schemes for the depositor is to deposit weekly, forth nightly, monthly, and so on.



Bigtrenz is committed to delivering audit services that provide clients the assurance of having financial statements that fairly state their financial position.

Our audit professionals actively communicate their findings and provide knowledge-based insight throughout the audit process. We deliver that goes beyond our audit opinion, which helps clients anticipate and resolve issues critical to the success of their businesses.


We Provide Increase  Sales Of Insurance Product By  Marketing insurance through banks. Banks and Cooperative  Organization  And collaborate with them as a  partner, where the bank has their potencies market lead by mega marketing skill to their customers.  The bank acts as a mediator by helping an insurance firm. Its target customers are to increase its market with additional income with profit.

Customers expect the same kind of responsiveness from their banks and financial service providers :

  1. a) Right Product:It provides the end-users with a customized insurance solution.
  2. b) Right Time:At a location, they already are for their financial needs – their banks.

improves the overall experience of the customers. They are more likely to opt for a complete financial solution from their banks, thus making bancassurance a success.

Customers trust their banks to sell them the right product. The trust they would place on insurance carriers and independent agents is comparatively lesser. Therefore, the propensity to buy insurance products from their banks is higher.

Bancassurance distribution model allows the customers to get an amalgamation of other financial services under one roof. Insurance used to be the missing piece of the puzzle which Bancassurance now completes.

Banks enjoy the benefit of being able to provide yet another product to their customers. Providing integrated financial services strengthens customer relationships and builds better customer loyalty and retention levels.

In several of the Bancassurance distribution models, bank employees are at the forefront, closing the deals and taking responsibility. Therefore the channel proves to have a much wider reach with much less investment. A similar reach through traditional channels would need them to hire several hundred agents in different parts of the country. Through bancassurance, their market penetration goals can thus be met in a much shorter timeframe than through an agency channel.


Retail marketing strategies can be planned and employed for different types of retail products. The elements which should be considered while crafting a retail marketing strategy are:

The market segment to which the retail outlet caters.

retail marketing strategy is to differentiate the retail store from the competition by setting up and promoting a sustainable competitive advantage which leads to increased sales. The contours of the retail marketing strategy.


Credit analysts are hired by commercial and credit unions to analyze the financial data of a potential client. The analyst will evaluate the client’s credit payment history, assets, liabilities, and earnings history to determine their suitability for credit terms. In the case of a company, the credit analysts will evaluate its audited financial statements, management accounts, and market data.

the credit analyst looks at the client’s level of risk to determine if the lender is protected if the borrower defaults on their obligations. The lender relies on the credit analyst’s report to determine whether to approve or deny credit facilities, depending on the level of risk that the client presents.

A credit analyst can also be assigned the role of reviewing the credit limits of existing customers to determine if they qualify for an increase in their credit limit. The analyst assesses the borrower’s repayment history, earnings information, any history of defaulting on credit.

The credit analyst will gather the relevant financial data from the customer and write a report on whether the customer’s current financial condition allows them to meet their financial obligations. The company will look at the credit analyst’s report and decide whether to increase or decrease a customer’s credit limit.


Management Consultant is a leading business management agency in India offering genuine, faster, and affordable professional business management services to our clients. We bring into play the expertise of our competent business management team providing a spectrum of outsourced services to help you run your company, manage the business and its finances along with the latest tools to increase profitability and minimize taxes via ethical business solutions for you.

Outsourced allows you to devote more time to the strategic and operating issues faced by your business whilst giving you access to the skills of experienced professionals and up-to-date accounting technology and systems.

Our experts can help you streamline your varied cash credit, business, and accounting requirements to bring to financial stability and wealth to your company. Collaborate with the Vitt experts to avail the best business management services in India.


We provide financial risk strategic management operation process for analysts your business commercially and Financial risk analysts identify and analyses the areas of potential risk threatening the assets, earning capacity, or success of organizations in the industrial, commercial, or public sector. As a financial risk analyst, you’ll be responsible for predicting change and future trends, as well as forecasting costs to the organization. There is a high profession. Our Risk management process work in sales, origination, trading, marketing, financial services, or private banking, specializing financial institutions are required to manage market and credit risks daily. Risks analysts are therefore increasingly tasked with responsibilities touching all four key areas are Credit Risk, Market Risk Operational. An alternative but similar role to financial risk analyst is that of a credit analyst, in which the creditworthiness of a business is calculated and a probability of payment determined. Risk analysis is considered by many to be advanced credit analysis.


Financial Risk Analyst :

A financial risk analyst’s role is to formalize the process of risk management in an organization. This involves business decision-making and enabling the process of risk-taking.

Credit Risk Financial.:

Credit risk specialists analyses the risk to the company of its customers not paying for goods or services or defaulting on various loans products.

Market Risk Analyst:

Market risk specialists analyze the risk of outside factors that may affect the share price or the market. They typically work closely with traders to calculate the risk associated with specific trading transactions.

Operating Risk Analyst:

Operational risk analysts look at the likelihood of risky events, such as system breakdowns and employee fraud.

NPA Portfolio Risk Management: 

NPA portfolio management by strategic recovery system by unique field recovery skill with super specialization own action plan. and use advanced operating monitoring mythology for control on overdue as well as recovered max to max by using this tricks of bigtrenzallianz Risk management team.


Recovery Continuous and focused follow-up daily is the underlying principle for good recovery and also for identifying genuine problems of the borrower units so that timely assistance can be extended to correct any temporary mismatch of the cash flow/ review of repayment schedule etc.  The endeavor should be to prevent the asset from becoming NPA rather than applying remedial measures at the post NPA stage.  Timely restructuring/rehabilitation in deserving cases should be ensured.  The bank shall introduce MIS to monitor overdue and rephrased accounts closely.  Bank may opt for One Time Settlement where chances of entire recovery are remote/time-consuming.  Bank may consider the Sale of NPA assets to ARCs/Banks/FIs. General consistency in approach is expected while dealing with Willful defaulters. The approach for recovery should be practical and non-prejudiced. Fair treatment and persuasion are the basic principles of the recovery mechanism. Enforcement of security be undertaken only where restructure / rehabilitation has failed or is impossible The recovery mechanisms for retail products LAP, Micro Housing Loans, Home improvement loans, loan against term deposits.  The recovery mechanisms for MSMEs will include Rectification & Restructuring and in case these options are seen as not feasible, due recovery.


The type of MSME INDUSTRIAL training offered can depend on the type of candidates’ firm and basic skill. Large firms typically have a structured training programmer with a detailed induction process that covers an overview of the organization, structure, and specific roles. You’ll usually be under the guidance of an experienced consultant. In smaller firms, a lot of the training may be carried out on the job, and you’ll be expected to pick things up as you go along. Professional Experience can be carried out while working and relevant awards are offered by the CMB. This includes the Level 7 qualification in Professional Consulting, which is available at three levels – award, certificate, and diploma. It’s aimed at those who want to develop strategic skills within consulting. Beyond this, you may choose to progress for our Certified Management businessman (CMB), which is achieved through a competency-based assessment process and provides evidence that you have reached an acceptable standard. You must be a member or fellow of the CMB to complete the Professional Program relevant to management TP are also available and could potentially be taken while working with the support of your employer.

but other programmers in relevant business subjects are available. The MARKET offers at all levels, from writing a business proposal for entrepreneurs to high-level presentation skills for partners. Get more information contacts us.

Career prospects:

As a new graduate, you’ll usually begin your management training program career in an analyst role, mainly carrying out research, data collection, and analysis. Once you’ve gained some experience, you’ll move on to the full c Professional role. From here you’ll typically progress to manager level or businessman, and this is usually achieved within about 1–2 years. At this level you will lead teams and design and develop solutions and projects It’s also possible to take on project management roles, perhaps specializing in a certain industry to become an expert in that area

Once you reach the senior consultant or manager level, you can go on to become a partner or director of a firm where you’ll have responsibility for generating new business, developing client relationships, and overseeing the strategic growth of the firm


Co-operatives take an ethical, sustainable approach to business by considering not only the economic impacts of their activities, but also their social/cultural and environmental impacts.

This values-based, triple-bottom-line approach is one that many companies are starting to integrate into their business models as part of their corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts. However, these principles have been at the core of all co-operatives since their inception, positioning co-ops at the forefront of today’s new economy.

Co-operatives are not driven by profit, but by a desire to meet common needs and bring fairness, equity, and justice to the marketplace. The decisions taken by co-ops balance the need for profitability with the needs of their members and the wider interests of the community.