About Us


Shri. Sanjog Shivajirao Hajare has more than 15 years plus hard core professional experience in the Insurance and banking as well as Cooperative Multistate sector.  He is highly motivated and enthusiastic individual with expertise in management. He has a strong visionary leadership and motivational communication skills, Effective team builder, Proven capability in strategic work Successful deliverer of profitable growth and tactically astute in managing a complex supply chain Innovative sales & marketing. He has 10 year expert experience in client advocacy, community client relations as well as outreach, program administration policy development, as well as compliance staff development & supervision, interagency partnership life skill counseling, crises management.  He had worked with life insurance, SFB in micro credit distribution & recovery operation process as well as retail marketing.

Shri. Sanjog Shivajirao Hajare


 And invasion new NPA handling process in cooperative sector by his own risk strategic management mythology & recovered huge part of non profitable asset recovery from the market. He always work for Results-oriented & profitably and driven to manage costs and establish strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships with users, vendors, and service providers. Adept at creating strategic alliances with organization leaders to effectively align with and support key business initiatives. He is excellent at building and retaining high-performance team’s performer by hiring, developing, and motivating skilled professionals under his supreme strategic management operation system to lenders, bankers as well as youth entherpiners.

Company Profile

BIGTRENZALLIANZ, an India based on Strategic Customize management a Lending Company in the service sector Industry with objective to fulfill the purpose of Financial Inclusion to business partners as well as clients. We are providing financial resources by the BC model for Business finesses to create more wealth through our profitability portfolio for the healthy market. Our Endeavour aims at bridging the gap between financial sources and the needy section. We help banks and other credit lenders to form a risk free loan portfolio. Our presence in the field and artificial intelligence tools allow us to assist us to extend our hand to our customers who include borrowers as well as lenders like banks and various segments under rural development .specially work  For youth empowerment of society in INDIA to became a power of nation .


To provide word class service to Indian society by creates professional culture value in the market to empower the Nation.


Enhancing corporate trends in the Indian market as well as providing entrepreneurial business services to young entrepreneurs by increasing their entrepreneurial tendencies as well as providing door-to-door business platform entrepreneurs to increase and expand their organization’s business profits in the market